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     Hi, I'm Vera Anderson. Welcome to my website!

At an early age, I showed a proclivity for drawing and  was blessed to have parents who encouraged and fostered my artistic abilities.  I grew up in the Midwest and spent many afternoons looking at masterpieces of the world re-known Art Institute of Chicago.   As a student and lover of art, I was intrigued by the gestural figurative work of Degas and the bold colors of Van Gogh.  I would sit on the front steps beside the bronze lions and sketch to my hearts content, the blur of humanity going by.

     School would take me away from the Illinois to the University of Denver where I completed a BFA in graphic design in the mid 1990's. I left Colorado for a brief stint in Calgary and upon returning to Colorado, I applied for a job with United Airlines.  After meeting my now husband (who was posing as a passenger to meet me) we began a world travel adventure that lasted 15 years!  I fulfilled a life long dream to visit far and distant lands, from the frozen-in-time medieval city of Florence, to the savannas of Uganda the likes of which have been captured on our beloved Nikon.  

     I left United in 2015 to pursue and create art on a full time basis and I'm having a fabulous time!    



I'm learning some new things in my art endeavor, as a person who chooses to create. I have to do the work of an artist, one who almost died.  My Friend's Mother said a prayer over my hands

in spanish and set me on a course to explore art creation.


The journey and goal is not only creating beautiful final work but learning the process of conceiving, composing, and producing, which is sometimes wrought with vulnerability and failure.  Creative capability is an amazing gift from God and can be used to uplift and lead people to ask questions of themselves.

My first question as an artist is: am I creating because I can and should? And why?  My second question is in regards to my viewer, would they notice the beauty around them in my capture of it?


I'm in love with art and the questions, the problems that lead to solutions, hammered out each time I sit down in front of a blank canvas.  The elements and principles I seek to keep intact while playing with expressive brushstrokes, bold colors, and inventive compositions.  The finished product is a window into my inner world, formed by extensive travel, a brush with death, and other life experiences, in a summation which I choose to share outwardly. 


Our human experience can be magnificent through creating and viewing: a perfect, yet imperfect symbiotic exchange of love and gratefulness in living!


University of  Denver BFA, 1996

The Lois Gibson Institute of Forensic Art  Houston, TX 2014

Lawson Forensics Course Sharpsburg, GA 2014

Samantha Steinberg Forensic Composite Course Miami, FL 2015


certified art restorer 2022

AWARDS, Grants, and exhibitions

Jacques Art Center, Best in Show, 2023

Art of possibilities, second place 2022

parkview Fine Arts Festival, Third Place 2019

Trinity Art Show, Honorable Mention 2018

Parkview Fine Arts Festival, Third Place and

 Honorable Mention, 2018

Parkview Fine Arts Festival, Second Place, 2017 

The Grove Center for Arts and Media Grant Recipient 2016 

Jacques Art Center Exhibition 2023

Lsu school of veterinary medicine international

animals in art show 2022

tri lakes center for the arts member show 2021-2022

Palmer lake art group small works show 2021

art of possibilities international art exhibition 2020,2022

Parkview fine art exhibition 2017,2018, 2019,2022

be extraordinare international art exhibition 2021

trinity national art exhibition 2018

How do you see god? exhibition 2020,2022

las laguna gallery art exhibition 2020



Traylor Academy Lakewood, CO

Private Lessons



Dr. Sara Muller Markey


Palmer Lake Art Group

Tri Lakes art guild

Vera Nan Anderson

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